Welcome New Sponsor: Cookie Lee

I want to welcome you my first (ever) sponsor,
Cookie Lee Independent Jewelry Consultant – Riann Dondoy. I met this lady from a bowling league (yes, I use to bowl really good!) and she just recently started selling Cookie Lee jewelry. I fell in love with a few beautiful pieces I took home with me and some I bought as a gift.

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Take a moment to look at her fashion jewelry online shop where everything is all so lovely and affordable. Here are a couple of my Cookie Lee favorites that I adore:

1. Rebel Rose Necklace
2. Soothing Spa Earrings
3. Mini Burst Earrings–Jet Earrings
4. Vintage Filigree Bangles Antique Brass Bracelet
5. Ultra Crystal Ring–Violet Ring
6. Classic Jet Bow Earrings
7. Cherished Key Necklace
8. Smoky Criss-Cross Ring

So fabulous and chic! What do you think?!

♥ Marivic

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image credit: image 1 – 4 by Marivic Ulep; Image 5 from Cookie Lee.

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