Spring Cleaning

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This weekend I spend hours folding laundry, organizing and gathering up clothes for charity. I'm starting my spring cleaning early to save up room for the new arrival of the baby this summer. Thus, my two-year old son was really helpful putting clothes away. It's great to have my little man learn how to help at home. His favorite task...when we do laundry Ryu would grab the stool and tell us he wants to help load the clothes. So super sweet! How about you? How was your weekend?!

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Let's Go Anywhere

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It's Friday...Yay! Have a blessed weekend and see you all later!

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Bumpy Love

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I'm all smiles today. Just grew a bump overnight! My baby must loooove watermelons! Hehe. Anyway, how's your day going? Today is my wonderful mom's birthday and I want to wish her a happy day! I love you mom... you are the superwoman in my life! XOXO

image: Cinnamon Love print by Raceytay, If Momma Ain't Happy print by gusandlula

Crave the Good Stuff

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Lately I've been craving fresh, juicy, sweet fruits like watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, guava and mango. I think I ate a whole watermelon this morning before indulging in my strawberry-banana meal. It was sooooooo good! I'm such a pregnant lady. Made my 18-week mark today and I feel wonderful! Have a fabulous day, my lovelies!

Let Freedom Ring!

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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." –Theodore Roosevelt

Hope you are having a wonderful President's Day weekend! My DIY invitation design, Let's have a Tea Party, is now featured on Etsy Treasury – Talkin' Bout A Revolution. Hop over to check out other fantastic items here!

DIY Tea Party Invitation Design

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Any plans for the weekend? How about a nice and relaxing moment with friends and a cup of tea? Slip off early for the holiday weekend and bake cupcakes! Let's have a Tea Party Invitation Design - DIY Printables is now available at my Etsy shop. Add a lovely picture or personalized your invite with your favorite colors on this charming design. For more fabulous DIY printables, check out other items at DeFine1Lady. Custom orders are also available. Hope you enjoy!

The Sweetest Thing

Pebble shaped Flowers Print by dekanimal
Pebble shaped Flowers Print by dekanimal

I was craving for cheeseburger and tea during lunch and oh my...that sweet tea made my baby move for the first time! It was the greatest feeling ever to feel the baby kick! Today was such a good day for fatty food and something sweet. ;-)

Kiss Me!

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'You gotta bat your eyes, like this...You gotta pucker up your lips like this!'

(Illustration by Joel Herrera via dribble, DrawYourGiftBows via NicePackageBlog)