Halloween Weekend

{photography by: Monica Buck, James Baigrie}

Have a fabulous and spooktacular weekend! XOXO

New DIY Printables

San Francisco Housewarming Party - DIY Printables, Birthday Invitations, DIY Party Invitations, DIY Printables, 5x7 DIY PrintablesSketch of artwork in my beaten up moleskin black journal.

sketch artwork in moleskin black journalI had a special request from an Etsian who gave me a fabulous idea to do more lovely cities like her favorite spot...San Francisco! Check out my new San Francisco Party Theme DIY Printablesnow available on my Etsy shop. Other colors are available upon request. Enjoy!

Spinning Around

Lady working on laptop with tea cup illustration via Veer Stock Images
image via Veer stock image

Upcoming projects given to me all at the same time... must drink tea and prioritize!


Stripes - J'adore Stripes, Fashion magazine, shoes, frapaccino, iPhone

Stripes - Cup Cake Kawaii Cutie - 5x7 Illustration Print by dannybrito

Brian McCarthy Interior Design for Elle Decor_2

Morning cup of tea, gold stripes cups and spoon by heidi adnum
{J’adore stripes 1/365 by ieva lasmane, dannybrito's Cup Cake Kawaii Cutie print, Brian McCarthy Interior Design, morning tea by heidi adnum}

For your sassy stripey Monday...

Rain or Shine

Spa Rita by FotoRita [Allstar maniac]'s photography

Its raining and Models smiling for Paris Fashion via The Vogue Diaries
FotoRita [Allstar maniac], The Vogue Diaries

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” ~John Ruskin

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoe Pie by Miha Matei Photography
Photography by Miha Matei

Would love to make sweet Tomato Pie...Paula Deen style!

Creative Process

Lifestyle, Painting, Art, Canvas by Miha Matei Photography
Miha Matei Photography

“The imagination imitates. It is the critical spirit that creates.” –Oscar Wilde

Quilted Comfort

Sang An Photography.com Cozy Quilted Blankets on vintage book shelve

Pick a blanket, any blanket...

Anna Williams Photography

annawilliamsphotography food, dining at home, interior design

annawilliamsphotography cinnamin drink, beverage, autumn, fall, holidays

annawilliamsphotography, pumpkin, table setting, autumn, thanksgiving, fall, comfort food, cozy, fall, dining

annawilliamsphotography, table setting, food, comfort food, fall, autumn, dining set up, food set up

Cozy food made so beautiful and enjoyable for all from Anna Williams Photography.

Thinking Chair

Floral Chair
{via one haute mess, image source unknown}

Oh hello there beautiful chair...I need to sit down and get my thinking cap on. After a well-rested weekend, I'm ready to create something fun for the week. What's on your list to start off your Monday?

Autumn Colors

justinetaylor_pumpkin wreath

Beautiful Autumn Leaves

Japanese - Halloween little bento Box

photography shot from Autumn carnival festival

Autumn leaves by Jackie Rueda
{images via justinetaylor, Nora Carol, Happy Little Bento, !Shot by Scott!, Jackie Rueda}

Lovely autumn colors of vivid oranges, yellows and reds for you... Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a wonderful weekend!

Beautiful Thoughts

Home ideas books via covetgarden 2

Dog smiling with ballons photographed by Stephanie Rausser

Home ideas office space via covetgarden 1
{images 1 and 3 - Ryan and Julia's sweet home from Covetgarden via happy dog by Stephanie Rausser}

"The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts." –Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Meet Autumn Belle

women's clothing  by Ruche 5

women's clothing  by Ruche 3

Modern vintage blouse  by Ruche

women's clothing  by Ruche 4

women's clothing  by Ruche

Oh the Ruche Lookbook is here and these are a few of my favorite things!

It's so nice

cozy bedroom via decorpad

Hemolock Ring Blanket

Bedding, bedroom ideas from www.calypso-celle.com
{images via decorpad, b r o o k l y n t w e e d's, calypso-celle.com}

When the temperatures drop around this time...it's so nice to have the windows open especially at night. I love nothing more than a cool room under a warm and cozy blanket.

Mondays at the office

office space via mikkeladsbol.dk

kisses from Paris Fashion Week

Flowers from JenniferDavisPhotography via DesignSponge
{images from office space via mikkeladsbol.dk, la belle vie via vogue.com and designsponge}

Mondays are like blowing sweet kisses to wish all a good day.

A Perfect 10!

Do you remember the floor cushion pillows idea from my older post? Well, I finally finished sewing the beautiful fabrics and also found lovely wall decals that was on sale to go with the room. And remember that soccer chair I tweeted from Walgreens–$20 bargain...well...my son hardly sits on it and would rather sit on the floor. So that gave me the idea to add cushion pillows to the space. The opposite side of the room is my little office which is a perfect spot to watch movies along with my son. We would lie down, relax, watch a little and read or sometimes dance around to the breezy tunes of the Lilo and Stitch, "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" song! I'm so proud of my little sewing project. The stitching on the pillows is not perfect but it'll do! Happy 10/10/10!

Blooms Aqua ~ McKenzie (Grey and Aqua design fabric) - Sew Mama Sew Fabric $8.55
Lime Green and Red Floral design fabrics - Walmart $7
Birds and Branches Wall Decals - Lot 26 Studio from Kohl's $8
Kid's Soccer Sofa Chair - Walgreens $20
Pillow Stuffing 50oz -
Walmart $8
Brown Cushion Pillows - Pier 1 $7
Small Blue floral fabric - Recycled fabric from sister - Free

A slice of life

Always remember you are loved print by pennywishes

Tea and Turquoise Knee-high socks via Just.K

Rainbow umbrella with kids by Pink Sherbet Photography
you are loved print by pennywishes, just.K, Jean-Pierre Weill art photographed by me, Pink Sherbet Photography

Happy Happy Happy Friday my fabulous friends! You are loved...XOXO

Life among the trees


tree_bird heart necklace_Gunmetal Tree and Golden Bird Necklace

table setting via 100layercake

Tree_WONDERLAND, Digital Collage Sheet by download

interiordesign via housetohome

book bag by landarcht

 Let's have a tea party - DIY Printables

Tea Party by pareeerica
Autumn Flight Of Love by paintmylove, Gunmetal Tree and Golden Bird Necklace by chrdesign, 100layercake, WONDERLAND Digital Collage Sheet by download, interiordesign via housetohome, Vintage inspired briefcase/book bag by landarcht, Let's have a tea party - DIY Printables designed by me, Tea party via pareeerica }

I had a horrible headache yesterday but today...I feel sooo much better. So let's celebrate and have a tea party!