Bee Sweet, Honey

1- Bee Sweet Honey
1- Bee Sweet Honey2

I think I'm having seasonal allergies so I took Claritin yesterday to help reduce all the crazy symptoms. Thank goodness Zo slept for 10 hours straight last night. Mommy needed a good night's sleep. Today, I feel a little better with less fatigued so I hope I can make it through the day. All I need is some warm tea with sweet honey....alooot of honey!

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images via Etsy Finds: Milk and Honey Candle in Frosted Glass - By Sweet Petula, Beeswax All Natural Lip Balm by BuzzPlanet, Honey Sticks -Pure Raw Summer Honey straws by honeyrunfarm, Bees and Golden Honey Combs Teacup and Saucer by SwirlyGarden and Honey Bear Fabric Fat Quarter by mypapercrane.

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