Monday, August 29, 2011

Home Inspection

BrightSide Print by vaporqualquer

How's your day going? I had a crazy morning today. I met up with our mold inspector guy to check up on the new house we were buying and guess what?! There was a huge water damage that destroyed the family room area and floors of the home. When we first saw the house a few months ago, it was in good shape but now there's a big ugly hole on the ceiling! Don't know how it happened but it's a messy place now. Bleh! Plus, I don't want to deal with moldy problems near future especially having two little children roaming the house. It's a bit disappointing but so glad no one was hurt. Can you imagine if we bought that house and all of a sudden, the roof collapse on us?! Thank you dear God!

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photo credit: BrightSide Print by vaporqualquer


  1. oh God that is horrible... but like you say, it is better you found out before buying the house.

  2. I's crazy! We are back to house hunting until the right one comes along. ;-)


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