Happy 1st Birthday, Zo

I remember I craved for smoothies and watermelons with you. I remember you moving so much in my belly that sometimes I can't even sleep at night. I remember when the nurse told me at the hospital I was a week in labor (and I didn't even know it!) I remember your dad trying to make me laugh and poof! You came out so fast even before the doctor came in the delivery room. I remember holding your tiny little hands and teeny, tiny toes close to me. Now, you are moving around so much. You love to crawl and explore your little world. Yesterday, you took a few steps on your chubby, little feet. You sure know how to make me smile. When you see your big brother, you get super excited! You love to mimic every move big brother makes. Trailing him around the room with lots of giggles and laughter. Sometimes I can't even keep up with you two! The best thing I love about you is when I hold you in my arms. When you feel tired, you gently grab my face so you can lean towards mine. I always love to give you "Mommy kisses." Sweet, heart-warming kisses. I love that moment with you. Happy Birthday little Zo! I wish you many more years to come! I love you!

♥ Mommy

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image credit: Marivic Ulep

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