DIY: Unique Wedding Guestbook Idea

Hi everyone. Happy 2014! Last month, my sister celebrated her 10-year wedding anniversary and I'm so excited to share this beautiful DIY wedding guestbook I created for her. Hope you like it.


- Pencil and Eraser

- Sheets of paper

- Scissors

- Glue Dots Adhesive

- Chalk

- Painter's tape or Masking tape

- Black chalkboard paint

- White and Pink Acrylic paint

- Artist acrylic paintbrushes 

- Paintbrush tray or plastic paper plate

- Foam brush

- Latex gloves

- Clean rag or Paper towel

- Metallic silver paint or choose your main wedding color paint for the border frame

- Large art picture frame (recommended size 24" x 36")

Step 1: Clean the art surface completely with a damp paper towel. Apply two coats of chalkboard paint using a foam brush, allowing ample dry time between coats. 

*Tip: If you want to save money, you can find an affordable canvas frame or board at your local thrift store (I paid $5 for mine at Salvation Army). Make sure you like the border frame design and the picture frame is in good condition before purchasing. 

Step 2: Once paint is dry, carefully tape the edges with Painter's or Masking tape. Use an artist brush to paint on the frame border with metallic silver or your favorite color. Allow to dry approximately 30 minutes before removing tape.

Step 3: Sketch out your monogram letter with chalk.  
*Tip: Make sure the painted area is completely cure for about 2-3 days before using the chalkboard.

Step 4: Trim sheets of paper about 5" squared and cut out heart shapes. Fold one sheet in half and draw a half of a heart shape along the fold on the paper then trim. Use the cut-out as a template to trim the rest of the hearts or download my template here. Make sure you have enough hearts for guests to sign.

*Tip: Every heart does not have to be perfect. You can trim your hearts loosely to give each heart a unique look.

Step 5: Take one heart-shaped paper and align on the monogram letter with one half petal overlapping the other. Repeat working your way around until the letter is covered completely.

Step 6: Carefully take one heart out and apply glue dots at the corner edge of the heart's petal.

Step 7: Position the heart petal back to place and press gently to adhere on chalkboard. Repeat working your way around to glue each heart.

Step 8: Sketch out your lovely names, heart and wedding date or anniversary at the bottom of the guest book with a pencil. Once you are satisfied with your whimsical calligraphy, mix a little white acrylic paint with water on a paintbrush tray/paper plate. Gently paint over the sketch and color the heart with pink.

Step 8: Draw lovely vines and tiny leafs around the monogram with chalk until your heart's content. Step back to take a look at your masterpiece.

Step 9: Carefully apply white paint over the beautiful vines you have created. 

Step 10: Once dry, use a clean damp rag or paper towel to remove chalk residue.

Your beautiful DIY wedding guest book is ready for the big celebration!

Don't forget to buy pens for friends and family to treasure your heart.

♥ Marivic

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image credit: Marivic Ulep

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