Be yourself and enjoy Eurasian martini

Eurasian Martini Recipe


Unfiltered Dry Sake (Should look slightly cloudy)

Polish Potato vodka (Chopin or Belvedere)

Lychee Liqueur (SOHO)

Pomegranate Juice

Fresh Mint Leaves or Limes

One can of whole Lychees.


Throw some ice in a cocktail shaker then add:

3 oz sake

1.25 oz vodka

1 oz Soho lychee liqueur

1 oz pomegranate juice

Shake well then strain into a chilled glass

Add 1 lychee

Garnish with 1 mint leaf and/or squeeze of lime

Strap yourself in your chair and enjoy.

Serves two.

I am happy the weekend is here! But first let's get some work done, admire a staggering office space from ffffound (via pici.se - Dina bilder på nätet) and make some delicious michelle & joe’s eurasian martini from Design*Sponge. I hope you enjoy. Cheers to a lovely martini Friday!
{Confucius image by define1lady}


  1. What a beautiful office space! I love that it's all white with splashes of color. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks. Have a fabulous weekend. ;-)

  3. Such a lovely quote and I love that 2nd pic, would love my work area to look like that!


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