My Lolo

We called him "Lolo." As long as I can remember, I've had great memories of my Grandpa. I remember my Lolo telling me stories. How he fought during World War 2 when he was a teenager. And that pendant necklace he always wore everyday. I think he said it was a real bullet. Lolo always talked about that copper bullet. I can almost remember it had a little dent on the side. He was proud of that bullet necklace. I never knew why but I think it was his lucky charm. Or maybe I was too young to understand what he was talking about. Or maybe he did something courageous during the war and I really admire him for that. I was never tired of his stories. I loved his stories.

My Lolo worked at a bakery shop for years in Guam. He smelled like bread every time he came home from work. My favorite was when he brings fresh, warm bread! Everyone would dive in and eat it just like candy. Plus, he always rode his bike to work. Biking many miles away from home to work and back. Lolo told me that's how he gets his exercise. He was a rockstar! When there's boxing, wrestling or martial art shows on TV, Lolo told me to wake him up from his nap so he can watch. I loved watching his favorite sports with him. It was my special moments with my Lolo.

He loved shopping. Especially if clothing is "Made in U.S.A." He loved wearing neatly pressed, button up collared shirts. And his leather shoes were always polished, ready for Sunday church. I loved hanging out with my Lolo. Watching him shop around for clothes and asking me if the tags were American made.

During the morning time, I always hear my Lolo pray. He prayed a lot. And for a very long time, he prayed really hard. I never really understood what he was saying because he was whispering in our native language but I remembered I peeked inside his room when he prayed. I wished I can hear him clearly but I just watched him pray. I love my Lolo.

Thus, he loved to take out his false teeth and joke around with us. He loves talking without it just to make us laugh. Oh, I loved it when Lolo was so funny. He also loved to gently tickle our feet to wake us up for school.

I've had great memories of my grandpa. And these were one of many childhood memories of my Grandpa. Lolo had a courageous and beautiful spirit. My Grandpa lived a long, happy life and his memories will stay in my heart forever. I love you, Lolo. Until we meet again…

My Lolo

{ April 2, 1928 – March 2, 2013 }

♥ Marivic

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image credit: Marivic Ulep

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