Cool Space: Lizette Marie Interior Design

I'm so ready to move closer to my parent's house across town. My family and I found one home but we are still waiting on a house approval. It has been months since the last disaster. Until then, we will keep praying. Keep on hoping...

While waiting, I love browsing through interior spaces. Mostly on the intricate details and stylish touches. This home created by Lizette Marie Interior Design is one of my favorite. What caught my eye is the fun paintings like the one on the living room. The lady's portrait is very intriguing. I think it's her enchanting eyes and the colorful tattoos on her fingers. Do you see any elements that you like above? From the kid's room, I also love the Snoopy print, lighting fixtures and glitzy walls. Plus, the awesome metallic sculptured table legs from the dining room is so cool! Years ago, I took a sculpture class in college. It was so much fun welding metals, using various materials and cutting wood with those scary carpenter machines. It was crazy but I love making weird shapes and unique forms. Someday when my kids get older, I would love to take a sculpture class again.

♥ Marivic

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