Christmas Ornaments

 Not sure if I told you before but one of our family Christmas tradition is buying one ornament every year. For 2011, we added Hallmark Keepsake: Baby's First Christmas (which is the top left corner image) for baby Zo. Today, our friend showed us his DJ S.C. ornament that was gifted by his mama and we totally wanted to get this ornament for December! I tried looking at our local Hallmark store near home but it was unavailable so I just bought Ry's favorite cartoons–Gnomeo & Juliet and Dinosaur Train. I told my hubby that the Santa Claus disc jockey is out and guess what he did this evening?! He drove around to look for it! Three Hallmark stores later, he finally got one and came home happy! I think Hallmark Keepsake ornaments are addicting. It's pretty pricey but they are so darn cute! I had to buy a couple more. Just in case Hallmark comes up with cool ornaments this year, we will be there checking it out!


  1. cute! my son loves dinosaur train! i think i'll get one for next year!

  2. Nice! Right now Hallmark ornaments are on sale so it's perfect to get it for next year!


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