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I'm on staycation! Yesterday, my boys and I went to our local indoor playhouse and this kid bullied Ry while I was feeding my 3-month old son. I yelled out, "No hitting! Be nice!" But the kid just kept on hitting and pushing. Ry ran to me and asked me gently if I can kiss his boo boo. I was wondering where the heck is the parent. Ry went back to play again and the kid started hitting again!  Ry was so confused trying to figure out why is this kid hitting me so my little prince fought back! Hahaha...that's my boy! I shouldn't be saying this but that kid was so bad. I ran up to both of them while I was still feeding Zo. Told them to share the toys and be nice. Finally, the dad (who was on the phone the whole time) grabbed the little brat and told his boy not to hit. Ugh. Stop talking on the phone and play with your kid! Anyhow, today we had a fun day with sugar cookie doe! Ry made his own version of favorite ocean friends. He sneezed on the rest of his cookie artwork (gross) so we only made a few batch to bake. Impressive, no?!

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image credit by Marivic Ulep.

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