Back to Work

Autumn Fashion via 4inspireddesign.com 
Going back to work on Tuesday was overwhelming. And yes, I did cry. I cried about everything especially because I was going to miss staying home with my little dragons. Taking care of two kids is hard and exhausting but also fun when both are being good to mommy. I really don't know how my mum did it. My grandmother passed away when my mum was really young so she took care of all four (crazy) girls while also having a full-time job. I remember my sisters and I were always bickering when we were little and we would call our mum at work about it. No wonder why my dad just wants "beer" every year for his birthday! Haha. Sorry dad. And to all you mamas and daddys out there who have children... God bless you!
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photo credit via 4inspireddesign.com

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