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A few months ago, Nelita, my sister-in-law wanted me to design a logo for her photography business. She wanted something classic, clean with a little bold coloring. Plus, colors to be in black and white with a dash of red. The fabric sample above is an imagery that Nelita wanted in mind for her logo. I created three concepts, played with colors and presented the logos to Nelita. With minor changes, she absolutely loved the third design concept. What do you guys think?

She's been working in building her portfolio and getting things organized before launching her website. I will have to show you some of the pictures Nelita took with me and my family a few weeks ago (I was 38 weeks pregnant!) So stay tuned.

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logo designed by Marivic Ulep


  1. I love the middle one in the first set and the first one in the second set. So pretty! You did a good job! :) Cant wait to see the pics!


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