Doodles and Icecream

Carole Wilmet Illustration and Icecream



I just started craving for ice cream the other day. Ooooh yes... the good stuff! I'm at 28 weeks pregnant and this baby loves to kick me all the time. It's crazy! Can't believe time flies so fast and it's already May! Thus, my two-year old son talks even more about everything and anything. He loves to ask me to draw him all kinds of sea creatures from the ocean. Then he would request to draw random things like Incredi-Boy or robot (from The Incredibles), Nemo, cake and drawing feet while wiggling his tiny toes to me so I can sketch his "other feet" too! LOL. I love my little man!

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illustration credit via Carole Wilmet Illustration; photographs by Marivic Ulep


  1. so adorable! :) love these pics. and love The Incredibles! :)

  2. Oh those cravings!! Enjoy them :-)


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