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San Francisco Housewarming Party - DIY Printables, Birthday Invitations, DIY Party Invitations, DIY Printables, 5x7 DIY PrintablesSketch of artwork in my beaten up moleskin black journal.

sketch artwork in moleskin black journalI had a special request from an Etsian who gave me a fabulous idea to do more lovely cities like her favorite spot...San Francisco! Check out my new San Francisco Party Theme DIY Printablesnow available on my Etsy shop. Other colors are available upon request. Enjoy!


  1. these are so well done! I love it!
    Ps->I passed along The Versatile Blogger award to you! You can read about it on my blog if you so choose to accept it :)

  2. Thanks Laura. Sounds exciting! I will take a look at it soon. Happy weekend! ;-)


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