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{Earringsnation's whimsical Owl - Antique Silver Big Owl charm long necklace, beautiful home via lacidavisphotography, Sew in Love by simplyhue, 100layercake}

"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude." ~Friedrich Nietzche

Thank goodness it's Friday! Any plans for your weekend? I've been working on some designs for my Etsy shop and hope to finish a few for the weekend. Thus, I want to bake some delicious cupcakes. There were quite a few favorite bloggers who post them on their sites and got me inspired to bake. Fun! I love my weekends. Please enjoy yours too! XOXO.


  1. I am also craving cupcakes but will have to wait until next weekend. Have fun and rest!

  2. Thank you Anabel. Have a great weekend!


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