DIY: Make Your Own Lining Envelopes For Your Party

I love the look of envelope paper liners. They make invitations a little fancier, don't you think? Today,  I'll be using my Black Tie Affair 5x7 Invite and Envelope Paper Liner - DIY Printables so I hope this adds a personal touch to your party!

To get started, you need to buy the following:

1. Self-healing cutting mat 
2. X-Acto knife or scissors
3. Non-skid Ruler
4. Glue (I used Quick Dry Tacky Glue) or Scotch Double Stick Tape

Step 1: Print your DIY Printable and Envelope Paper Liner. With a self-healing mat, carefully trim along the edges of the 5"x 7" (invite) and 6.75" x 6.5" (paper liner). 

Step 2: Slip the paper liner into the envelope. Align the paper just below the glue line of envelope and fold down flap. 

Step 3: While keeping the liner folded, lift up the envelope flap. Slip a piece of scrap paper under the liner flap to prevent glue from getting into the envelope. Run a thin strip of glue over the edges of the back of the liner.

Step 4:  Remove the scrap paper. Close down the outer flap over liner and rub with fingertip adhering glue to flap. 

Then, there you have it! A fabulous envelope paper liner to match your invites!

Hope you enjoy!

♥ Marivic

P.S. If you have a different size, you can measure your width of your envelope and subtract about .25" to make a paper liner. For length, fold back the flap of envelope, and measure from bottom to tip of flap just below the glue line. 

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image credit: Marivic Ulep

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