DeFine1Lady: Types of Paper stock

Choose the best paper for your DIY printable project. Take a look at my lovely papers available at my shop for printing any of DIY printable. You can choose various kinds of paper stock to give your invitations beautiful texture and modern elegance. 

a. Premium stock - Brings out a beautiful, smooth and vibrant look to your images. Paper weighs in extra heavy 130# uncoated, white card stock. Postcards are best printed with our premium paper stock.*

b. Pearlescent stock - Adds a shimmery, iridescent finish to your cards and creates a beautiful, soft glow to photographs. Paper weighs in 107# white, card stock.


c. Linen stock - Wonderfully elegant and classy card stock emulating the look of linen cloth. Weighs 110# uncoated, white card stock.*

d. Felt stock- A soft woven felt texture that adds an upscale look to any of your invitations. Card stock weighs 100# in white card stock.* 

e. Kraft stock - Eco-friendly, recycled card stock that gives your invitation a rustic, vintage feel. Weighs 100# uncoated, card stock.*

What kind of paper do you like? 

*Paper stock subject to change or may vary, based on availability. Please message me via Etsy 
or email define1lady [dot] gmail [dot] com for pricing and quantity.

♥ Marivic

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image credit: Marivic Ulep

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