Weekend Love

Discovered Kito & Reija Lee at Pandora radio a couple days ago and they are now on my playlist. Not sure if you heard of them but their music rocks!

My new children's book has arrived from Zulily's! I read this book last night to my boys and it sure caught their eye!  

Check out the imaginative text and colorful illustration. 

My sister stocked up my fridge with more fruits and veggies this week! She's so nice! Did you notice there's a veggie juice menu on the top right-hand corner of my picture below? I wanted to try out new recipes from Go Raw Cafe. They also have their menu online here if you wanna try to juice. ;-)

My aunt and cousins started juicing yesterday! They hate eating fruits and (mostly) vegetables. I think they wanted to try something new...Raw Juicing! I'm so proud of them. ;-) 

Have a great weekend, ya'll!
♥ Marivic
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image credit: Marivic Ulep

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