New – Pajama Party DIY Printables

Pajama Party DIY Printables by define1lady

All Girls Pajama Party via Baltimore & Philly

crocheted sock slippers by ElyciaCamille

Rag Quilt, throw blanket, hushabye from southern charm quilts
{shop at Etsy: DIY Pajama Party Printables designed by me, All Girl Pajama Party by Baltimore & Philly, Crocheted sock slippers by ElyciaCamille, Rag Quilt Throw blanket from southern charm quilts}

Hello. I hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend. Today I wanted to celebrate the first day of the month with warm, fuzzy things and pajama time! Can't believe it's November already. It's going to be quite a hectic month. Lots of things to do for the holidays and projects to finish up. Anyhow, if you haven't seen my new invite at my shop–Pajama Party DIY 5x7 Printables–it is now available for $8.00. Check it out. Hope you like it. ;-)

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