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My clients approached me to create a brand new name and identity by combining a wolf, the lucky number 3 and the color purple to re-define their martial arts studio. The goal was to establish something eye-catching and unique to set themselves apart from their previous brand. They love the color purple so I created hints of the shade on the brand. The word CORE symbolizes togetherness, unity and center of the body. Each move in fitness, martial arts training or learning life skills, starts from one’s CORE. 

With extensive research and a creative design process, I was able to bring to life a meaningful, visually appealing brand identity. The eye catching logo with vivid colors combined with simple content enabled me to produce engaging posts on their social media platforms. During the week of introducing the brand new name and logo, Core Fitness & Martial Arts’ Instagram had an increase from 334 followers to 960 followers. For Facebook Post Insights, it had reached more than 1,000 people during the reveal of the brand new name and logo. 

Located below is the social media content images. The Instagram layout on the left side is designed with the new brand identity while the images on the right side displays content of the old brand. At first glance, the new site has a visually more cohesive look and content.

I created the three-headed wolf to represent the three CORE founding members of the company.  Since the emphasis of the studio is family and strength the three-headed wolf also symbolizes a pack. Core Fitness & Martial Arts strives to provide a welcoming environment where strangers become friends and friends become family. There is strength in numbers and they are on a mission to grow their pack! 

Click on the link here to see a short clip I created to depict the transformation of the studio.

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