It's an Artist's Date

{ I've always been fascinated by window displays. One of the many things I love to do... shop little and admire the store front. It's an awesome way to show the boutique's brand and image. Photograph above from Anthropologie's window display at NYC, courtesy of Skitzo Leezra.

Borrowed the idea from Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way,” and made an “artist’s date". Here’s how it works. Make sure you turn off your cell phone so you can hear your own thoughts. Take yourself on a Artist's Date once a week like attend a cultural event, art gallery or museum. There are many ways to recharge your creativity. Below are some of my list that I enjoy and love:

-Go to an arts and crafts store and appreciate the craftsmanship of design and package.

-Take a sketchbook somewhere and start drawing people or things.

-Browse through the mall and get inspired by window displays or apparel designs.

-Bring your camera and capture the interesting moments.

-Show up at a music or DJ concert.

-Visit an art gallery or museum.

-Take part in a scrapbooking or sewing class.

-Attend a cultural festival.

-Volunteer for a charity event.

-Shop around for vintage things at a flea market.

-Look for a few favorite patterns and colors at your local fabric-quilting store.

-Go to a bookstore and browse soaking up the amazing images.

Discover, enjoy and relax. Have a happy date!

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