The Heart of Design Still Beats

"I just seem to work all the time–I don’t think [I have] any big secret to being organized, it’s just a matter of getting on with it, I guess. I’ve always been quite good and very motivated to do the best work possible. I’m always striving to better myself. One day I would like to be content with myself and look back and think 'yeah, I did alright in the end.' Hopefully this will happen, as I never feel quite content." ~Si Scott

'With a positive mindset and confident attitude' is ultimately what pushes Si Scott through his work and keeps him organized, both mentally and professionally. I'm in love with his intricate, hand-drawn techniques that come to life and by listening to music and lyrics...his inspirations flow freely especially with words. Some of his favorite fonts are Helvetica (family), Akzidenze Grotesk (family) and Pagan Poetry. Here are several designs that I adore from above via breedlondon. To learn more about Si Scott's inspiring approach go to his interview here and typeforyou. Absolutely fantastic!

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